Remotely Piloted, Zero Emission, Cargo Aircraft
Remotely Piloted, Zero Emission, Cargo Aircraft
Air Safety and Compliance


Regulatory Compliance

Sky Canoe has proactively engaged in and committed to working directly with Transport Canada and other aviation regulators to help pave the way for a future where aircraft cargo is carried out safely, effectively, and responsibly with an eye on long term sustainability.

Sky Canoe's dedicated team of experts is committed to, not only anticipating, but exceeding all necessary safety requirements

We are prepared to go beyond regulations and deliver unmatched safety and security to its customers.

Future of Light Cargo

Sky Canoe's mission is to change the way light cargo is transported. Moving light cargo is currently one of the dirtiest and most expensive methods of moving goods.

Our unique design includes a new approach to Vertical Take Off & Landing (VTOL) with our Sequential Vectoring Thrust®, innovative micro-infrastructure and an operational approach designed from day one with safety and regulations in mind.

Through the amazing capability of our VTOL, our aircraft can go anywhere, anytime and with them we can open new markets where infrastructure and weather are now prohibitively expensive.

In addition to engineering innovation, our work has a special focus on sustainability, safety and regulatory compliance.

Sky Canoe will use only clean technologies and aims to be the world's first Zero Carbon emission remotely piloted aircraft system (RPAS). Our aircraft is designed and built to serve remote communities across Canada without harming the environment and by helping to reduce carbon emissions.

Sky Canoe's patented technology merges cutting edge systems and software with a fundamental breakthrough in aviation inspired by 40 years of flight experience.
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